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International business consultancy

International business consultancy refers to services offered by specialized professionals to assist companies that operate in international contexts or seek to expand their business into foreign markets. This consultancy covers a range of specific areas and challenges, including:

  1. Expansion Planning: Helps the company evaluate market opportunities in other countries, identify risks and develop strategies for successful entry.

  2. Market Analysis: Conducts market research, competitive analysis and cultural studies to understand local demands and adapt products/services.

  3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects: Provides guidance on legal, regulatory and commercial issues that vary across different jurisdictions, including employment laws, tax regulations, intellectual property rights, among others.

  4. Logistics and Supply Chain: Helps optimize the global supply chain by addressing transportation, storage and distribution challenges.

  5. Culture and Communication: Provides guidance on how to deal with cultural and communicative differences when establishing international relationships.

  6. Marketing Strategies: Helps adapt marketing strategies to attract target audiences in different cultures and markets.

  7. Risk Management: Identifies and manages specific risks related to international operations, such as currency fluctuations, political instability and natural disasters.

  8. International Negotiations: Provides support in negotiations with foreign business partners, suppliers and distributors.

  9. Financial Affairs: Assists in the management of financial matters, including foreign exchange, international taxation and financing.

International business consultancy is highly personalized and adapted to the company's needs and objectives, seeking to maximize opportunities and minimize risks in a global environment.

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